Gracious Giving – Anthony Petrello

Tony Petrello was a gifted youngster specifically in mathematics from a young age. He has excelled in this arena and has made an impressive name for himself. Starting off with his education Anthony Petrello went to Yale University to study mathematics. He graduated with a Bachelors and Masters degree. He then attended Harvard Law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. With his math and numbers background coupled with his law degree, he joined the law firm, Baker & McKenzie. Here he worked on taxation, international arbitration and general corporate law. Tony Petrello worked for this law firm until 1991 and the last five years he served as the Managing Partner. In 1991 he was elected to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Board for Nabors. Anthony has held many positions throughout the company including currently, President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He provides the vision and strategic planning for Nabors guiding their forward progress to ensure success in the future. Anthony Petrello has done extremely well for himself as he earned $27,512,939 in total compensation in 2015.

An interesting story is the perspective of Anthony through college. Lloyd Grove wrote an article for the Associated Press outlining his relationship with Anthony as a freshman in college. They were roommates. Lloyd explained that he was an Italian-American extrovert on and was the life of a party. He was a math whiz and his professors knew it. Lloyd reached out to him and Anthony’s comment on his success was “luck.” A Very modest answer for somebody that has seen so much success over the years.

Anthony and his wife Cynthia have a daughter Carena who is now eight years old. She was born at 24 weeks and only 20 ounces and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This is a common neurological disease in babies that were born early. This is due to a lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain. As result, Carena has many developmental issues such as cerebral palsy, impaired motor skills among others. This impacts Anthony and Cynthia’s life every day as they work with her to gain simple skills. In the least few months, she has learned to chew after eight years. This took millions of tries to make it happen and a determination that knows no end. It is an incredbile milestone on Carena works hard to learn other skills as well such as talking and walking. They are committed to finding answers and give generously. They have given $5 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital through the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institue. They have committed a total of $7 million to this effort so near and dear to their hearts.

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A Brief Look at the Successes of Brad Reifler

Wasting no time putting his Bowdoin College education to work, not long after Brad Reifler earned his degree in economics he was hard at work establishing his first business, the Reifler Trading Company. For 18 years Mr. Reifler nurtured and grew his business. And then one day an offer was presented to him that was simply too good to pass us.

Brad’s trading talents were acquired along with his namesake company and before long he was the star trader at Refco, the business his grandfather founded. But the entrepreneur in Brad Reifler could not keep his feet glued to the floor long and the next thing you know, he was starting up Reifler Capital Management.

Next followed Pali Capital, a highly successful global financial services firm which he co-founded and served as the CEO and Chairman. But his appetite for financial adventure was still not satisfied and before long Brad Reifler was busy serving as the Chief Executive of Forefront Capital, the next business venture he founded.

Though he was born and raised on the west coast, Reifler calls New York his home and resides at his 145-acre Dutchness County estate he has named Sky Blue Farm. His little playground includes a private tennis court, 18 horse stable and an indoor riding ring. And the neighborhood is upscale as the estate with the likes of James Earl Jones and Liam Neeson residing nearby.

A serial entrepreneur by definition, Brad Reifler has built a pretty impressive resume of businesses he has founded in the financial services industry.

Finding Business Success For All Is A Key Part Of The Work Of Marc Sparks

I have been a major supporter of Marc Sparks for a number of years after reading his book, “They Can’t Eat You” and learning more about the approach this expert in investing has taken to developing new techniques in promoting new companies.

Marc Sparks often seeks to bring success to new companies through his role as a venture capitalist, and has achieved a high level of success in this role for a range of different companies. Sparks also looks to invest for himself and has inspired me with his ability to spot new areas of investment that can improve his own portfolio for the future.

The work of Marc Sparks that has caught my attention the most is that completed with his own Timber Creek Capital LLC group, which is often seen as a major supporter of new companies who wish to achieve success with the aid of the 35 years of experience Sparks has accumulated.

Despite the fact Marc Sparks has been involved in investing across four decades I have been impressed with the way he is always looking to improve his company to achieve success for the future for himself and the companies he works with. There have been many new companies pass through the doors of Timber Creek Capital who have been sold on to long term investors, and the high quality companies Marc Sparks has worked with are found in the logistics industry and beverage production sector.

In the work he completes with the Timber Creek Capital group Marc Sparks has become one of the investment specialists I look to follow on a regular basis, but I have also been impressed with the development of a new office space Marc Sparks hopes will aid new companies in developing their skills with.

Hearing Marc Sparks explain the fact that around 25 percent of the qualities needed to achieve business success can be found in the work environment was shocking; however, I saw the benefits he was discussing that include promoting collaboration and communication within a growing company.

Cone Marshall Ranks Highly For Services In Tax And Estate Litigation

Law is a dynamic field where firms can serve clients from any part of the world. Cone Marshall is one of the New Zealand-based firms that have proved to offer unique services to their clients based in different locations. The firm works with professionals whose careers speak success and dedication and it is one of the first in the local market to offer exclusive services that touch on commercial litigation. Cone Marshall specialized in the system since inception in 1999 and has continued to offer clients unique support that has allowed them to solve complex problems.


Initially, the service did not have a big impact but the firm moved on until they started to see some changes in 2005 when a restructure of their system occurred. Some of the changes that Cone Marshall embraced starting 2005 include the hiring of new executives and changing the service delivery system to offer clients faster and better services. Since then, Cone Marshall has continued to implement measures that have allowed the firm to grow and rank among the best in the industry. Locally, they are the most preferred for cases involving tax and estate litigation and their profile has grown to cover clients from different countries.


To a large extent, technology has played a vital role of developing the firm to become one of the most reliable in the industry. Since past five years, Cone Marshall has been using an online-based filing system that allows clients to share details about their problems remotely without having to travel to the main offices. This flexibility has also allowed Cone Marshall to offer solutions faster and more accurately.


The team behind the changes

A highly experienced team of experts has been the driving force behind all the changes highlighted and these professionals include lawyers who have been in the industry for more than one decade. Among leaders who have worked to develop the firm, Karen Marshall has offered ideas that have allowed Cone Marshall to transform into an established firm.


Most of the recent changes that include how clients can receive services are her ideas. She guides the upcoming professionals who work with the firm to ensure their work is driven towards offering high quality services. Her actions are backed by Geoffrey Cone, the most experienced lawyer in the firm and the founder. Geoffrey specializes in tax laws and his career spans more than 30 years.



Brad Reifler Allows Opportunity for Smaller Investors in Today’s Markets

Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Advisory and Capital Management. The company provides recommendations to investors and traders in the commodities and Forex markets. Brad has over 30 years of experience in the business. The commodities and Forex markets are extremely volatile so having the guidance of an expert can help your overall results.

Brad graduated from Bowdoin College, with his degree in Economics and Political Science. He started Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, providing services for derivative investing. Refco purchased the company a few years later. He later started Pali Capital which had offices in the United States, UK and Australia.

Brad Reifler makes speeches, informing traders and investors on what they can do to take advantage of the markets and help to secure their futures. Yahoo Finance has carried his speeches. Also, MarketWatch and Reuters have covered them. He tries to help people discover ways that they can make money from the markets to improve their lives.

Brad Reifler, is a Partner at CIFCO International Group. He has been the CEO of Forefront Advisory since founding it in 2009. From 1996 to 2000 he managed the Institutional Sales Desk of Refco, where he handled high net worth investing. Brad is Director of Symmetry Property Development, and is Director of ITG Market Research. He has served on many advisory boards including at Genesis Securities and the European American Investment Bank. Since 2014, he has served as an independent Director of Sino Mercury. He is a Trustee of Millbrook School where he serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee. He has various licenses, including Series 3, 7, 24 and 63.

Brad Reifler claims that the individual investor has three problems, including high fees to get into the market, having access to the markets and market risk. He started Forefront to help combat these problems and allow the smaller investor to take advantage of the markets just like larger players do. He has devised investment programs that help all investors get a better opportunity in today’s markets.

The Manse On Marsh Earns Caring Star

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living community serving residents in the San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande areas and beyond. Recently, the facility was honored with the Caring Star award. This award goes to memory care and assisted living establishments based on positive customer reviews and ratings in the Senior Care Directory. The Manse on Marsh received its second consecutive Caring Star award in 2016. During the eligibility period for the 2016 award, the Manse received an overall rating of 5 stars, as well as 5 5-star reviews.

In a statement concerning the Manse on Marsh‘s recent achievement, Andy Cohen,’s founder and CEO stated that prospective residents of the Manse and their relatives want a high-quality senior living facility, and that the Caring Stars award helps customers to find the community that is best for their families.

According to recent research conducted with senior care and assisted living searches in Arroyo Grande, the majority of those who responded said they depended on online customer reviews more than in-person referrals by medical staff. This is yet another reason why the Caring Stars award is such an honor for the Manse on Marsh.

The Manse on March Executive Director and CEO Logan Sexton shares that the Manse on Marsh’s recent award is a sign that the residents and their families appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Manse on Marsh staff. Sexton also expressed his thanks to the families who shared their feedback online, and stated that the Manse on Marsh looks forward to offer more quality service to residents.  Follow The Manse on social media, where they have a large Facebook following.

Kenneth Goodgame Can Help If You Have A Food Business

Kenneth Goodgame has a passion to help people open their eyes in the world of business. He loves to show people how to take their business to the next level. He and his team have come across many different scenarios. However, they were successful with every single one, and they use these scenarios as examples when they help future businesses.

Kenneth Goodgame and his team especially specialize in food products. Kenneth and his team study the food market, which makes up more than 60% of all spending. At the end of the day, everyone has to eat, and this is not just everyone; this also includes animals, too. Kenneth Goodgame and his team know how to make businesses rise on the products of pet food. They will help businesses by the best pet food at a wholesale price, and then sell it at a more reasonable price.

Kenneth Goodgame will also make sure that the businesses he works are in proper location to prosper. If this is not the case, Ken will help these business owners find a better place to do business. Like most successful marketers, Kenneth Goodgame also believes location means a lot.

Kenneth Goodgame started his career running hardware stores. He studied the industry inside and out. In not time, these hardware companies became million dollar corporations. This did not take long, either. Kenneth was taught how to properly market a business and how to properly make sure the business was guaranteed to succeed.

Kenneth Goodgame has also been the CEO of several different services. These services went from making a couple thousand dollars a month to a couple hundred thousand dollars a moth. This was all because of the strategies Kenneth used to market, promote, and make the business shine.

Today, Kenneth has a goal to help people in the world of business. Not only does he want to help business owners, but he wants to help potential business owners, too. Kenneth does not want to see new business owners make the same mistake that previous business owners made. He feels that this will make his work worthless.

Talk Fusion Technology Takes Businesses to New Heights

Much to the prosperity of small business owners or any business owner up and coming, Talk Fusion is the new marketing tool of the future. With a one-time fee and a small monthly charge,(after a free month’s trial) Talk Fusion clients are able to send video e-mails out to prospective customers with the aid of the Talk Fusion website. And when the client opens the e-mail, the video automatically begins playing with whatever unique and exciting format the client has decided upon for his product. Talk Fusion has data that proves that customers are 85 percent more likely to purchase a products after viewing the video e-mails. Clients also are able to use video newsletters to reach out to clients.

Along with the incredible e-mails, Talk Fusion clients are able to utilize video conferences with up to 500 attendees, social media tools, video chats and blog tools to further pump up their growing businesses.

Talk Fusion even provides an instant customer pool in the growing number of independent contractors in over 140 countries. The independent contractors take the finished products and show conferences and videos to anyone and everyone they can to sell the products, services or even trips to travel destinations.

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, started the company in 2007 which is now esteemed to be a part of the Direct Selling Association. Reina and Talk Fusion are known worldwide for their altruistic contributions to many different charities. Talk Fusion also gives each one of their associates a “free account” which the associate is allowed to take the proceeds and give to whatever charity or cause they deem closest to their heart. Reina strongly believes in giving back so numerous causes are benefited annually as the result of his generosity.

Eric Pulier: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and author, who has founded multiple companies during his lifetime. These include companies such as Akana, US Interactive, and ServiceMesh. Pulier obtained his Bachelor of Arts at Harvard University, graduating Cum Lauda in 1988. He obtained three degrees from Harvard: English and American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California, where he still lives today. In LA, he founded People Doing Things in 1991. PDT addressed issues such as health care and education through the use of technology.

Eric Pulier designed the Bridge to the 21st Century exhibit for Bill Clinton and Al Gore that was featured at the Mall in Washington, DC. He then worked with Gore on his board for public health, and also participated in the Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier has since written for many columns and magazines, including Forbes Magazine.

Pulier has donated to many charities and non-profits. He is part of the boards for both the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. Pulier also built a center for chronically ill children called the Starbright World, which is part of the charity known as Starlight Foundation.

All in all, Eric Pulier is a phenomenal entrepreneur and philanthropist. Having founded over fifteen different companies, he is a technological entrepreneur mastermind. Pulier works closely with non-profits that benefit chronically ill children, and strives to help those children in need. Eric Pulier has four children of his own and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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John Goullet and his Role at Diversant LLC

Have you heard of Diversant before? Have you heard of John Goullet too? John Goullet is the Principal at Diversant, a company which he co-founded with another partner. Diversant LLC is a company which came about as a result of a merger between Diversant Corporation and Info Technologies. The story behind it is as interesting as John Goullet and his skills as an entrepreneur. The business mogul has been known over the years for his innovative and creatively created businesses as well as his prowess as an information technology expert.

John Goullet started off as an IT consultant and executive before he ventured into the world of IT staffing and account. In 1994, he decided to form his own company called the Info Technologies Inc. His focus was on the corporate environment and to understand it so as to assist his clients. He was doing this so as to meet the needs of his clients who needed IT experts to work with as their staff. The understanding of such an environment would enable him to match the requirements of clients to the skills of the staff their needed. He was also keen on picking the right personality and work style.

When Goullet started Info Technologies, he wanted to offer services that were tailored to meet the needs of a wider clientele. His target was the Fortune 500 companies which needed IT staff. He started the company without knowing that he would appeal to his target market and record profits of over millions of dollars. He was even recognized on the Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing businesses owned privately in the United States. In fact, he took the ninth position on the list.

The merger between Diversant Inc. and Goullet’s Info Technologies came in 2010. The company that resulted from the merger is Diversant LLC. which is a minority-owned business enterprise. The company is also reputed as being one of the top IT hiring and staffing firm in the nation. To learn more about the company and to do business with them, visit their website today!

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