Cone Marshall Ranks Highly For Services In Tax And Estate Litigation

Law is a dynamic field where firms can serve clients from any part of the world. Cone Marshall is one of the New Zealand-based firms that have proved to offer unique services to their clients based in different locations. The firm works with professionals whose careers speak success and dedication and it is one of the first in the local market to offer exclusive services that touch on commercial litigation. Cone Marshall specialized in the system since inception in 1999 and has continued to offer clients unique support that has allowed them to solve complex problems.


Initially, the service did not have a big impact but the firm moved on until they started to see some changes in 2005 when a restructure of their system occurred. Some of the changes that Cone Marshall embraced starting 2005 include the hiring of new executives and changing the service delivery system to offer clients faster and better services. Since then, Cone Marshall has continued to implement measures that have allowed the firm to grow and rank among the best in the industry. Locally, they are the most preferred for cases involving tax and estate litigation and their profile has grown to cover clients from different countries.


To a large extent, technology has played a vital role of developing the firm to become one of the most reliable in the industry. Since past five years, Cone Marshall has been using an online-based filing system that allows clients to share details about their problems remotely without having to travel to the main offices. This flexibility has also allowed Cone Marshall to offer solutions faster and more accurately.


The team behind the changes

A highly experienced team of experts has been the driving force behind all the changes highlighted and these professionals include lawyers who have been in the industry for more than one decade. Among leaders who have worked to develop the firm, Karen Marshall has offered ideas that have allowed Cone Marshall to transform into an established firm.


Most of the recent changes that include how clients can receive services are her ideas. She guides the upcoming professionals who work with the firm to ensure their work is driven towards offering high quality services. Her actions are backed by Geoffrey Cone, the most experienced lawyer in the firm and the founder. Geoffrey specializes in tax laws and his career spans more than 30 years.