Norman Pattiz Shares Signing of Scott “Raven” Levy on the PodcastOne Network

The Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, has revealed the introduction of WWE star Scott “Raven” Levy’s new weekly podcast show “The Raven Effect”. PodcastOne is the United States largest advertising-support podcast network. The new show will feature on the Under the Jericho Network which is hosted by Chris Jericho, also of WWE fame. “The Raven Effect” will involve discussions that Levy will have about politics, current events, pop culture, conspiracy theories, and a range of other topics. Scott Levy will carry these discussions with friends, enemies, people who are knowledgeable about subjects covered during the show, and others who don’t know anything at all. The hour-long show will have new episodes available every Monday that will be available on and the PodcastOne app.

In sharing the news about the new show Norman Pattiz said that Levy’s show features a perfect mix of wrestling content and other subjects. He expects the show will be yet another hit for the Jericho Network. This network, which launched in 2016, has a number of wrestling focused shows as well as some that focus on the paranormal such as “Beyond the Darkness”.

Norman Pattiz started his media career in the 1970’s when he founded Westwood One. Under his direction Westwood One became the largest radio network in the United States. The radio network includes talk, sports, entertainment, news, and traffic. Westwood One has also owned, distributed, or managed a variety of other broadcasts such as CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL Football (including Super Bowls), and the Summer and Winter Olympics.

In 2010 Pattiz also founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of Courtside Entertainment Group. This company is focused on providing sports entertainment with a focus on the National Basketball Association and College Basketball. PodcastOne was launched by him in 2012. Under his leadership PodcastOne has quickly grown and is now the dominant distributor and producer of audio on-demand programming. Among the personalities that feature on PodcastOne are Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Penn Jillette, and Laura Ingraham. Altogether there are over 200 different podcasts available on the network.

Pattiz has earned a number of awards during his long career. Among the largest of these was the Giants of Broadcasting Award which is given out by the Library of American Broadcasting. He was also inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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