George Soros Looks Alive once Again

It is common knowledge that some things get better with time as they age. The most popular commodities that come to mind when thinking of this adage are cheese, wine, classic music compositions and existential truths. And then, there are the less thought about champions of truth and justice. George Soros is definitely one of these champions. Putting his story of conquest and personal success aside, the more recent actions he has undertaken are possibly the most noteworthy of all. The numbers, which are at just about the usual staggering levels, speak for themselves, where Soros’ direct contributions come into play. These do not take into account the waves of influence that have washed over political and socioeconomic shores for years.

However, when insiders stop to think about some of the more recent and much needed support of the Democratic Party in United States, many of them have one resounding thought in mind. That thought is a major rising and comeback of a man who remains ever influential but just a bit quiet of late. But as they say “money talks”, George Soros is making his voice heard loud and clear with a fog horn worth 25 billion dollars, give or a couple hundred million bucks. That is a lot of power and voice to share, and in the tug-a-war that seems to never end over in D.C., one man is doing all he can to call out the Republican party. Read his profile at Forbes.

The details of George Soros’ contributions can make the mind swim, if you stop to fully think about them. It starts with 25 million dollars donated to back the democratic presidential forerunner in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton. This amount nearly matches the amount he gave in supporting the opponents to President Bush back 2004. That is not chump change, and the best part remains that this amount comes from a man with decades of experience and whose eyes have seen the world. The motivation for these actions are not so much to push against a particular party but to keep a pattern of fear mongering and political manipulation at bay.

Just a few of the core movements that always and forever have Soros’ support are the reform of policies within the US immigration and criminal justice systems. And, that is not to mention religious tolerance, which not only does he believe in but lives by every day. Perhaps, another blessed effect from this overabundant gift to the political left is the domino effect it has when it comes to other donors and activists. The donation under George’s name, in this optical cycle, stirs other backers such as Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and Fred Eychancer to lend a bit of their substantial financial support toward the Democratic Party as well.

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A Preview into The Life And Achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a renowned technologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has also authored books and articles on entrepreneurship and the impact of technology to business. He is a public speaker and the founder of more than fifteen companies. During the course of his career, Eric Pulier has raised millions from his ventures. Some of the ventures he founded and co-founded include, Akana, Media Platform, ServiceMesh and US Interactive. Through these venture capitals, Eric has supported young entrepreneurs, who had great ideas but lacked the skills and finances to steer their businesses towards growth.


In 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School and proceeded to the Harvard University, where he took American Literature and English. Before he joined high school, Eric had a lot of passion for computing and he spent a lot of his time researching and reading about computers and technology. This passion did not depart him even after joining high school and his research led him to founding his first company, a database company, while in high school.

Apart from pursuing a degree at the Harvard University, Eric Pulier also enrolled for Computer Science at the MIT College. This would allow him to further pursue his passion in technology and computing and he would come up with great ideas to steer his future ventures. While at the Harvard, Eric Pulier was given a column in the Harvard Crimson Weekly, a weekly magazine by the college. On his column, he addressed issues like technology and the place of technology in entrepreneurship. He graduated from both universities in 1988 magna cum laude and focused on building his career to a higher level.


After years working on personal projects, Eric Pulier was invited to head the Technology Exhibition in 1997 that would feature in the second inauguration of Bush and Al Gore. During this event, he arranged the issues to be addressed into sections, each tackling a distinct problem and towards the end of the presentation, he included a live streaming session to the space shuttle, which allowed the audience to interact with the astronauts, marking the peak of the event.