A Brief Look at the Successes of Brad Reifler

Wasting no time putting his Bowdoin College education to work, not long after Brad Reifler earned his degree in economics he was hard at work establishing his first business, the Reifler Trading Company. For 18 years Mr. Reifler nurtured and grew his business. And then one day an offer was presented to him that was simply too good to pass us.

Brad’s trading talents were acquired along with his namesake company and before long he was the star trader at Refco, the business his grandfather founded. But the entrepreneur in Brad Reifler could not keep his feet glued to the floor long and the next thing you know, he was starting up Reifler Capital Management.

Next followed Pali Capital, a highly successful global financial services firm which he co-founded and served as the CEO and Chairman. But his appetite for financial adventure was still not satisfied and before long Brad Reifler was busy serving as the Chief Executive of Forefront Capital, the next business venture he founded.

Though he was born and raised on the west coast, Reifler calls New York his home and resides at his 145-acre Dutchness County estate he has named Sky Blue Farm. His little playground includes a private tennis court, 18 horse stable and an indoor riding ring. And the neighborhood is upscale as the estate with the likes of James Earl Jones and Liam Neeson residing nearby.

A serial entrepreneur by definition, Brad Reifler has built a pretty impressive resume of businesses he has founded in the financial services industry.