The Lung Institute: Improving Lives through Stem Cell Therapy

The goal of founding the Lung Institute was to improve the quality of life of patients with various respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD. Chronic lung diseases make it difficult to perform simple tasks like walking, cooking or taking a shower. They include COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and pulmonary fibrosis. The lung institute made it their responsibility to relieve suffering and prolong the quality of life using the best and safest means of treatment.

The Lung Institute has an extensive medical experience of more than a century. Its physicians have an established patient care experience that prioritizes quality of care and the patient’s safety. Today, it leads in the medical world as a provider of regenerative stem cell therapy for chronic lung diseases. The revolutionary life changing treatment method has earned the Lung Institute a worldwide reputation in the medical arena.

Stems cells are essential to all organisms. They can form any body tissue by self-renewing and replicating. Adult stem cells exhibit a quality referred to us plasticity. That is, cells from one tissue of the body can transform and function as another tissue. Plasticity is the quality that makes the use of stem cells possible and efficient in regenerative medicine, especially for tissue healing.

The stem cell treatment protocol involves three steps. The first step is to harvest the stem cells from the bone marrow or blood of the patient. They are then separated from other cells in the collected sample before being reintroduced in the patient’s blood stream. Usually, any item introduced in the body is available throughout the body through transportation by blood. However, studies by the National Institute of Health showed that the lung traps stem cells.

Once stuck, they will not only replicate and auto-renew but also function as lung tissues. As a result, they slow down the progression of lung disease and improve the natural healing process. The advantage of stem cells therapy over the traditional treatment options is that it reaches beyond relieving symptoms to hindering disease progression. Besides, it poses no risk of the adverse side effects common with conventional therapies. Visit and the Lung Institute’s Facebook page for more information.

Vacations In Africa With Minimal Environmental Impact

Unspoiled landscapes with an array of foliage, fauna and secluded beach are ideal places to vacation; however, without planned preservation, they disappear quickly. Motels appear then restaurants, gift shops and before long, a strip mall occupies paradise. Eco-conscious travel is not about keeping people away from some of the world’s wildest and most scenic places; it is about responsible travel and patronizing tour operators that contribute to preserving areas for future generations.


Africa is a popular destination for adventurous people interested in hiking, camping, spotting wildlife and photography. There is no better way to explore Africa than to sleep in a tent in the wilderness and walk on the trails, because non-motorized activities do not cause any carbon emissions. Africa’s incomparable array of wildlife and plant life typically inspires individuals to support conservation programs once they are back home.


For conservation centered, adventurous vacation in exotic locations, Wild Ark is an ideal tour operator. Passionate conservationists who offer unique options for staying in Botswana, South Africa and Alaska operate the company. African adventures with Wild Ark have a low environmental impact and they are conducted in a sustainable manner. Courses, such as wildlife photography and the field guide course, teach individuals about ecology and conservation principles, which can be applied to any location.


Imagine spending two weeks in the African bush, sleeping in a tent, identifying birds and following animal tracks with an experienced guide. Wild Ark provides the tents, bedding and meals. The camp has no fences, allowing the local wildlife to wander in if they choose. For visitors who prefer luxurious accommodations, Wild Ark arranges visits to the lodges at Londolozi, in the heart of South Africa’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve. With exceptional cuisine and photographic safaris, a stay is truly a memorable experience. Conservationists will appreciate that the Londolozi provides safe refuges for rhinos within the reserve.


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How to throw an awesome party without the worry

You can make a party look effortless if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, not everyone is a pro at planning parties. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to creating an event your guests will remember for a very long time.


Keep all decorations and food simple. Don’t fret over making everything super complicated, it will just make things harder. Keep in mind that simple is good too, sometimes it’s even better. If you stay organized it will keep help you feel more relaxed throughout the whole process, and will help you be a better host/hostess. Send out invites and don’t forget party favors to get guests excited and leave happy with your thought for detail.


Want to kick your party up a notch? Have a theme that goes along with it. You can even ask guests to play along by wearing costumes. It makes it parties more fun and interesting if people come dressed up like their favorite character. You can even include the children by having a kid’s table covered in your theme. They can draw their favorite superheros on paper with crayons, and then bring the pictures home to post on their bedroom walls. This also will give overwhelmed parent a break to relax. Offer a self-serve bar to get your guests in a good mood. If you are feeling extra creative you can invent a cocktail with your favorite flavors in mind. You can even come up with a cool name to go with it. Your guests will no doubt be impressed with your creative concoction. In the end it’s really about reaping the fruits of your labor and having fun. Enjoy your labor of love with a tasty cocktail.


If you are looking for corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers are a full-service event planning company and design firm that have proudly served many businesses including Google and Microsoft.


These dynamic and professional event planners in NYC offer a dozen services that include branding, styling, fabrication, and custom printing. Event planning companies in NYC cannot compare to Twenty Three Layers because they cater to their client’s wishes whether they are over the top luxurious, or simple and refined.

Alexandre Gama: A Reputable Advertising Professional

Are you an entrepreneur looking for effective marketing and promotional strategies? Need expert advice or guidance with your marketing and advertising needs? If you need advertising help in Brazil, consider getting in touch with Alexandre Gama – a top rated Advertising professional.

Alexandre Gama is an Advertising Executive in Brazil and is well known for meeting the needs of his clients. Numerous companies, institutions and entrepreneurs rely on Alexandre Gama and his firm to provide them with outstanding advertising and promotional services.

Each of the advertising professionals in his advertising agency performs a specific role. These professionals at his advertising agency have many years of experience in the industry and can help you promote your products or business effectively.

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Dating App Boredom Relief From Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is someone that has been known as a high-profile player in the dating app industry. She was the co-founder of Tinder very young age, and she moved on to actually build a second dating app company before the age of 30. This is not something that happens very often in the dating app world. This is an industry that is typically dominated by men. Dating app companies are typically dominated by older men. That is what makes it so exceptional when a young woman has penetrated an area that is typically reserved for a different age group and gender.

Whitney Wolfe did not set out to be this unique individual that would break the barriers in the dating app industry. It is sort of something that just happened in her quest for an app that would put women in control. She would have a desire to branch out on her own after working as the co-founder of Tinder. It would only be a matter of time before Whitney Wolfe would realize that she had the ability to do something similar, but she wanted to tweak her dating app and put women in positions of power.

There has been lots of interest in what she is doing because she speaks to a generation of people that are tired of the same old thing. Boredom is what has become of the social media arena. There are lots of apps that have the same thing, and it becomes difficult for a new app to survive if it doesn’t have anything different. Whitney Wolfe knew that there were already a lot of dating apps in place. She knew that she would have to have a different angle that would actually make people look at her app as something worth signing up for.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe at