The Manse On Marsh Earns Caring Star

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living community serving residents in the San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande areas and beyond. Recently, the facility was honored with the Caring Star award. This award goes to memory care and assisted living establishments based on positive customer reviews and ratings in the Senior Care Directory. The Manse on Marsh received its second consecutive Caring Star award in 2016. During the eligibility period for the 2016 award, the Manse received an overall rating of 5 stars, as well as 5 5-star reviews.

In a statement concerning the Manse on Marsh‘s recent achievement, Andy Cohen,’s founder and CEO stated that prospective residents of the Manse and their relatives want a high-quality senior living facility, and that the Caring Stars award helps customers to find the community that is best for their families.

According to recent research conducted with senior care and assisted living searches in Arroyo Grande, the majority of those who responded said they depended on online customer reviews more than in-person referrals by medical staff. This is yet another reason why the Caring Stars award is such an honor for the Manse on Marsh.

The Manse on March Executive Director and CEO Logan Sexton shares that the Manse on Marsh’s recent award is a sign that the residents and their families appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Manse on Marsh staff. Sexton also expressed his thanks to the families who shared their feedback online, and stated that the Manse on Marsh looks forward to offer more quality service to residents.  Follow The Manse on social media, where they have a large Facebook following.

Kenneth Goodgame Can Help If You Have A Food Business

Kenneth Goodgame has a passion to help people open their eyes in the world of business. He loves to show people how to take their business to the next level. He and his team have come across many different scenarios. However, they were successful with every single one, and they use these scenarios as examples when they help future businesses.

Kenneth Goodgame and his team especially specialize in food products. Kenneth and his team study the food market, which makes up more than 60% of all spending. At the end of the day, everyone has to eat, and this is not just everyone; this also includes animals, too. Kenneth Goodgame and his team know how to make businesses rise on the products of pet food. They will help businesses by the best pet food at a wholesale price, and then sell it at a more reasonable price.

Kenneth Goodgame will also make sure that the businesses he works are in proper location to prosper. If this is not the case, Ken will help these business owners find a better place to do business. Like most successful marketers, Kenneth Goodgame also believes location means a lot.

Kenneth Goodgame started his career running hardware stores. He studied the industry inside and out. In not time, these hardware companies became million dollar corporations. This did not take long, either. Kenneth was taught how to properly market a business and how to properly make sure the business was guaranteed to succeed.

Kenneth Goodgame has also been the CEO of several different services. These services went from making a couple thousand dollars a month to a couple hundred thousand dollars a moth. This was all because of the strategies Kenneth used to market, promote, and make the business shine.

Today, Kenneth has a goal to help people in the world of business. Not only does he want to help business owners, but he wants to help potential business owners, too. Kenneth does not want to see new business owners make the same mistake that previous business owners made. He feels that this will make his work worthless.

Talk Fusion Technology Takes Businesses to New Heights

Much to the prosperity of small business owners or any business owner up and coming, Talk Fusion is the new marketing tool of the future. With a one-time fee and a small monthly charge,(after a free month’s trial) Talk Fusion clients are able to send video e-mails out to prospective customers with the aid of the Talk Fusion website. And when the client opens the e-mail, the video automatically begins playing with whatever unique and exciting format the client has decided upon for his product. Talk Fusion has data that proves that customers are 85 percent more likely to purchase a products after viewing the video e-mails. Clients also are able to use video newsletters to reach out to clients.

Along with the incredible e-mails, Talk Fusion clients are able to utilize video conferences with up to 500 attendees, social media tools, video chats and blog tools to further pump up their growing businesses.

Talk Fusion even provides an instant customer pool in the growing number of independent contractors in over 140 countries. The independent contractors take the finished products and show conferences and videos to anyone and everyone they can to sell the products, services or even trips to travel destinations.

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, started the company in 2007 which is now esteemed to be a part of the Direct Selling Association. Reina and Talk Fusion are known worldwide for their altruistic contributions to many different charities. Talk Fusion also gives each one of their associates a “free account” which the associate is allowed to take the proceeds and give to whatever charity or cause they deem closest to their heart. Reina strongly believes in giving back so numerous causes are benefited annually as the result of his generosity.

Eric Pulier: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and author, who has founded multiple companies during his lifetime. These include companies such as Akana, US Interactive, and ServiceMesh. Pulier obtained his Bachelor of Arts at Harvard University, graduating Cum Lauda in 1988. He obtained three degrees from Harvard: English and American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California, where he still lives today. In LA, he founded People Doing Things in 1991. PDT addressed issues such as health care and education through the use of technology.

Eric Pulier designed the Bridge to the 21st Century exhibit for Bill Clinton and Al Gore that was featured at the Mall in Washington, DC. He then worked with Gore on his board for public health, and also participated in the Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier has since written for many columns and magazines, including Forbes Magazine.

Pulier has donated to many charities and non-profits. He is part of the boards for both the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. Pulier also built a center for chronically ill children called the Starbright World, which is part of the charity known as Starlight Foundation.

All in all, Eric Pulier is a phenomenal entrepreneur and philanthropist. Having founded over fifteen different companies, he is a technological entrepreneur mastermind. Pulier works closely with non-profits that benefit chronically ill children, and strives to help those children in need. Eric Pulier has four children of his own and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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John Goullet and his Role at Diversant LLC

Have you heard of Diversant before? Have you heard of John Goullet too? John Goullet is the Principal at Diversant, a company which he co-founded with another partner. Diversant LLC is a company which came about as a result of a merger between Diversant Corporation and Info Technologies. The story behind it is as interesting as John Goullet and his skills as an entrepreneur. The business mogul has been known over the years for his innovative and creatively created businesses as well as his prowess as an information technology expert.

John Goullet started off as an IT consultant and executive before he ventured into the world of IT staffing and account. In 1994, he decided to form his own company called the Info Technologies Inc. His focus was on the corporate environment and to understand it so as to assist his clients. He was doing this so as to meet the needs of his clients who needed IT experts to work with as their staff. The understanding of such an environment would enable him to match the requirements of clients to the skills of the staff their needed. He was also keen on picking the right personality and work style.

When Goullet started Info Technologies, he wanted to offer services that were tailored to meet the needs of a wider clientele. His target was the Fortune 500 companies which needed IT staff. He started the company without knowing that he would appeal to his target market and record profits of over millions of dollars. He was even recognized on the Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing businesses owned privately in the United States. In fact, he took the ninth position on the list.

The merger between Diversant Inc. and Goullet’s Info Technologies came in 2010. The company that resulted from the merger is Diversant LLC. which is a minority-owned business enterprise. The company is also reputed as being one of the top IT hiring and staffing firm in the nation. To learn more about the company and to do business with them, visit their website today!

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Inmates Can Now Keep in Touch With Family and Friends Thanks to Securus Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is leading the way in offering the best civil and criminal justice solutions in the United States and beyond. Public safety and incarceration experience have significantly improved thanks to the company’s innovative products and services. Now, Securus has gone a notch higher to introduce video visitation technology which is the best in the corrections industry. The Securus Video Visitation has come to break the barriers of families and friends visiting their loved ones who are in prison. People don’t have to drive for long distances to see their loved ones for a very limited time. Logging into their smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs is enough for them to connect with inmates even better. The video visitation is similar to Skype but is more affordable. In fact, the video chats used to be cheaper than telephone calls to inmates before the Federal Communications Commission capped the interstate inmate call rates.

Securus Video Visitation has increased the options in which those incarcerated can keep in touch with their family members and friends. Many studies show that the increased contact is beneficial not only to incarcerated individuals but also to their loved ones and the society at large. A constant contact with family members and friends is among the best ways of reducing the likelihood of inmates breaking the law again once they are released from jail, what is technically referred to as recidivism. The Minnesota Department of Corrections carried out a study that found that just one visit reduced recidivism rates by 13 percent for new crimes and 25 percent for technical offenses. More visits that are offered by the video visitation systems is clearly the best way to rehabilitate inmates.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas. The company also has other regional offices in Allen, Texas; Carrollton, Texas; and Atlanta. For more than 25 years, the company has proved its commitment to serving and connect. It offers the correctional industry exceptional communication, emergency response, biometric analysis, public information, incident management, monitoring, inmate self-service and information products and services. It is no wonder that more than 3,450 law enforcement, corrections and public safety institutions across North America have contracted Securus for their technology solutions. In the process, Securus serves more than 1.2 million prisoners.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.